Muay Thai Kickboxing

Beginner & Advanced Training Classes

Muay Thai kickboxing uses it all...boxing, kicking, knees, elbows and fight and defense strategies. These classes mix high heart rate activities with less active periods of technique training. Students will use heavy bags, mitts & shields and practice dummies. Loaner gloves available to start, and we'll teach you how to properly wrap & protect your hands. All levels welcomed. Give it a try! ding 2


Coach Ric

Ric O'Kane

 Ricky “The Mongoose” O’Kane. Former 3 time International Kickboxing and Full Contact Karate champion. A specialist in stand up striking for sport competition, Coach Ric teaches 2 styles of Muay Thai, Boxing and Full Contact Karate, bringing his years of experience to students eager to learn his realistic, safe, no-nonsense training system. 

More background on Ric, his life and fighting system HERE.


Coach Gabrielle

Gabrielle Newmark

Gabrielle's passion for the combat sport led to her pilgrimage to its place of origin -Thailand- where she trained at camps in Chiang Mai and in the hillsides further North. Today, Gabrielle continues her love of Muay Thai as a student, teacher and trainer.. She works with both kids and adults, beginners and experienced.

More background on Gabrielle, her philosophy and passion HERE.

Meet the Instructors

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