Meet The Team


David Kerr

Master Instructor

Founding Partner

A lifelong passion for sports and the martial arts has contributed to Dave's unique style of fighting and defense he calls Kuaishou -- which translates literally as "fast hands" in Chinese. A 5th Degree Black Belt and an expert in Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Shotokan Karate and Boxing, Dave's self-protection system is a mixed martial art style using the most practical and effective techniques for countering real-life street violence. He is the co-author of  the recently published book "Idiots to Monsters: the Essential Guide to Surviving Common Threats & Violent Encounters," and has been teaching self-protection for over 25 years.

Ricardo O'Kane

Sr. Instructor, Muay Thai and Boxing

Ric is a former 3-time Kickboxing Champion with WKA, ISKA and KICK Titles. Ric started his training in the early days of full contact karate when fighting sports were evolving into what we see in today's MMA. Specializing in two styles of Muay Thai Boxing and Karate, Ric aims to use his vast stand up fighting experience to create an ideal environment for people of all skill levels to develop realistic fighting skills, be it for  fitness or competition.  

Gabrielle Newmark

Sr. Muay Thai Kickboxing Instructor

As a member of the University of Oregon Rowing Team, Gabrielle first realized her athletic abilities. Working as a team to achieve efficient energy output in competition was an element of this sport that Gabrielle found particularly rewarding.  In 2006, she was drawn to Muay Thai Kickboxing and immediately knew this would become her new, lifelong passion. Ever since, she has worked to refine and learn new techniques, and to best understand an opponent through sparring. Her passion for the combat sport led to her pilgrimage to its place of origin -Thailand- where she trained at camps in Chiang Mai and in the hillsides further North. Today, Gabrielle continues her love of Muay Thai as a student, teacher and trainer. 



Gabrielle Newmark

Sr. Instructor, Muay Thai and Cardio Kickboxing

Matthew Spencer

Certified MMA Master Trainer


Lee Garcia

Sr. Instructor

Boxing & Muay Thai


At the age of 10 years old when his father showed him how to box, Lee fell in love with the sport and all that it had to offer. This would become his lifelong passion and career. Once Lee learned how to box at a level where his father felt appropriate, he took him to a proper boxing gym which happened to be located behind the Olympic auditorium. As a teenager Lee fought in local amateur matches and in recent years participated in the U.S.A. Boxing Masters Division. In his twenties, Lee learned the art of Muay Thai kickboxing and instantly connected with this sport as well. For the past twenty years Lee has been coaching all levels of students from beginners to amateur and pro fighters in both boxing and Muay Thai. 

Ashley Ortiz

Manager, Member

Services and Marketing

That big smile at the front desk is Ashley, always ready to assist members and first time visitors with answers to questions, signing up for classes, billing inquiries, or introducing you to the right performance coach or nutrition expert. Ashley can assist coaches to set up team training sessions, guide parents looking for the right fitness solution for their kids, or set you up with a complimentary circuit training class to ensure it's the right fit for you! Ashley has a B.A. from Loyola Marymount University and her certificate in Graphic Design from the Otis College of Art and Design, which also makes her a great asset for our marketing and social media communications.