Ricardo O'Kane

My Experience & Philosophy


I began my first year of Martial arts training in Taekwondo at 12 years old. When that school ended up closing I was introduce to a more sophisticated Korean style. Dr. Joo bang Lee was the Supreme grand master of Hwa Rang Do, and the world headquarters was in Downey California. There were also several other masters brought in from Korea So I had plenty of willing teachers who wanted to mold me into a kicking machine. A standard of excellence was established in me from that point forward. I was intrigued by the master’s ability to perform seemingly superhuman feats of strength, speed, agility and mental powers. Most of the other martial arts schools I visited after that seemed sub standard. I was drawn to the challenge of developing my full potential. 

To emulate the great masters that I was privileged to train with, I began reading martial arts books and magazines. I came across articles about “Full Contact” Karate. This sounded like something that would really challenge me to be my best.  In the late seventies and early eighties Benny “The Jet” Urquidez was known as the best of the best when it came to Full Contact Karate and I loved reading the stories of how he beat the best in their own countries. I decided I wanted to get into “Full Contact” and began looking for places to do that kind of training. At the very next tournament that I went to Benny "The Jet" himself happened to be there. I signed on with his team and within two weeks I had my first "full contact" fight. I was 18 years old, had won three state titles and, at the age of 21, I turned pro. I was Benny the Jets top fighter. I learned everything I could from him and other great fighters as well. I also began boxing and loved the thrill of watching the best boxers in the world competing against each other. I wanted to know what set them apart from the rest so I could be like them. I didn’t want to be second best, I wanted to be one of the outstanding champions. My background in martial arts I believe gave me an edge against opponents in the ring because I learned many diverse training methods. 


I went on to win 3 professional international titles.

After my pro career was over I began training fighters. I then began to research and discovered new techniques and how to accelerate the skill development process. This took me years to learn. I watched the great champions competing but what I really wanted to see was the way they trained. I wanted to see everything they did and their various unique abilities and training methods. Now my passion is taking young prospects and giving them the best possible training environment and methods. My passion now is creating outstanding athletes and champions through intelligent comprehensive training. Our facility here at Defense Kinetics is world class. Whether you're new to the sport and seeking a great fitness option, or have your sights set on being the next International Champion Kickboxer​, I'll give you my experience, encouragement and dedication.

Ric "The Mongoose" O'Kane